Welcome to viaCycle API

The viaCycle API provides access to viacycle data such as locations, number of available bikes and other data for developers.

Authentication / Authorization

An Api Key is required for access. We don’t have an automated form yet, so please send us an email and we will send you the key (most likely in a few hours).

email info@viacycle.com with the following information:
  1. App Name (e.g. viaCycle@GT Mobile)
  2. Programmatic Name (e.g. viacycle-gt-mobile)
  3. Intended Platform

Once you have the Key, open endpoints (login not required) can be accessed by sending the Api Key as the AuthKey header.

e.g. https://gt.viacycle.com/api/v1/openendpoint/

Request Headers:
AuthKey: fhejr4rgf2_api_key_htr435ewdfhsef

A User Token is required for closed endpoints (login required). User tokens are issued per user per app. A token is obtained by making an API call to the endpoint /token/, with the following POST parameters:

  1. email
  2. password

Closed endpoints require the User Token to be sent as a header.

e.g. https://gt.viacycle.com/api/v1/closedendpoint/

Request Headers:
AuthToken: ufh489r4_user_token_ewdh23823e233


Open Endpoints (API Key Required)

Closed Endpoints (User Token Required)

  • coming soon


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